Testimonies About Reaching the Hurting...

"It's hard to put this book you wrote down! Excellent writing. LOVE the questions that are very thought provoking and healing at the end of each chapter. Wonderful idea."—WY

“As producer of a weekly television program, I, along with my co-host, am constantly looking for guests who can point (from personal experience) hurting people to the Source of all healing—Jesus Christ. Samantha and Steve Nelson do just that.

What first impressed us about their unique ministry, The Hope of Survivors, was Samantha’s book, Reaching the Hurting—A Biblical Guide for Helping Abuse Victims. Instead of encouraging victims to live endlessly in past pain, Samantha (herself a victim of abuse) shares about the importance of living life abundantly—today.   
The book’s Bible-based approach helps abuse victims understand what happened to them and then provides steps they can take in order to experience spiritual and emotional healing—through the power of God’s grace.
We also found the “homework” assignments at the end of each chapter especially helpful. Even before we filmed several television programs with Steve and Samantha, we were sharing Samantha’s book with hurting people around us—and the reader responses were most positive.”—Carolyn Sutton, TN

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your compassion and support. You have an uncanny way of seeing the Truth in my life—as you no doubt do in others’. You are truly gifted with an ability to intuit other’s core issues and to respond appropriately—not to mention beautifully. You are such a gifted writer, Sam! Your emails—and your book—just flow. I hope you know that the gift of the word (in all respects) is indeed yours, and it is no mistake that you have found your way into ministry. Who you are is absolutely perfect for this exceptionally important kind of work.”—CA

"Thank you for sending me your book! I really enjoy the Bible studies at the end of each chapter! I've been thinking about something similar—I just think it's so awesome when we can use the Bible as our psychology textbook. You've done a great job at finding very relevant verses!"—Germany

“Last night I skimmed through chapter 5 of the book and you said: We don’t have the power to do something about abuse and to avenge ourselves at all times…But Christ had all the power in heaven and earth, and He did not do anything for the very purpose of fulfilling His part of the great plan of redemption. That spoke to me last night and I thought about that today. Every revengeful thought I had was conjured up by my own power. God can do such a better job than I can. I wanted revenge for my own self and this is not about revenge for me. It is about fulfilling God’s plan. Thank you so much. …for the first time, I have felt peace. I want to start healing and move on with my life. Thank you for helping me.”—WV

“I have really appreciated having that book. I discovered that it will take a lot of effort to apply it. In a way, the material covered is basic, but the principles and applications are pretty deep.”—Norway

“I have been reading your book. I am on page 23. You have a lot of good points that I agree with. I have been confused a lot of my life about how to seek healing. I do really like your book, and look forward to finishing it.”—AR

“I want to change, I want to be a child of God and feel it, to be stable in my mind, stop second-guessing myself. The paragraph on self-esteem helped me so much to see myself as being priceless. The question that has helped me the most is, why do I let the events of the past continue to shape and define who I am today? This has helped me to take a giant leap. Thanks! May God continue to bless you.”—FL

“I am reading your book again for the second time. I want more than anything to put this behind me. Your book was absolutely excellent. Your book helped me to move the greatest distance. Through your explanation of 1. forgiveness; I have new opportunities to practice forgiveness every time the thoughts come up. 2. Victim status; I able to let go each time of thinking about what he did to me; because being a victim will not allow me to see my sins. 3. Accepting responsibility; I want to focus on the role I played in the adulterous situation so I can seek God more earnestly to change. You have helped me the most by helping me realize that each time the thoughts come back it is another opportunity to let go, forgive, and call on God.”—FL

“Samantha, it really helped me a lot to speak with you. It helped me to see many things different and I found again a loving God. Thank you very much for the book. I have nights where I cannot sleep, because the situation at home overloads me and then I read in the middle of the night in the book and after a while I find rest again—rest in Jesus. I want to let you know, that there are many days I think of our little contact...and how much the Lord blessed me from that. Even I may not have so much time to write you more often but you should know that you are also in my thoughts and prayers.”—Germany

“I just wanted to say thank you for all the books you sent me. Especially the one you wrote! Samantha, it is amazing, but this little book, in one short night, has brought me hope! I went from praying, or should I say pleading, with God to give me the strength to kill myself, to my feeling deep inside I can once again have hope. I like what you said in the beginning of the book. I never wanted to remain a victim. I feel this book gives me hope in finding balance. I like what you said about helping someone not stay in self-pity. I also like when you said to be patient with our healing process and not to just quote Scriptures. Thank you!

I have been trying really hard to change, but sometimes people get frustrated if you don't change the way they think you should… How much is this book? …I would like to buy one for my mama, sis-in-law and friends.

This study is insightful into Jesus’ struggle. He was abused, too. I know this is bad, but it is comforting to know that He, too, was abused. Now, we can relate. At least God and I now have a starting point. The lesson wasn't too long, but it was a really good lesson. I feel this book needs to get into every pastor’s and counselor’s hands. Thank you. I still am on a tough journey but I am willing to keep going now.”—IN

"There is no other book like this one out there. This book inspires HOPE. Many people are survivors that don't realize that there is HOPE. They are victims of clergy sexual abuse. Let's give some HOPE and healing in any number of ways we can offer to The Hope of Survivors."—IA

Listen to a radio interview from Sonshine FM in Perth, Western Australia about the book! As you can see, God is using this book to impact lives in a positive way. Please continue to pray for this ministry and those we serve!