Learn how YOU can OVERCOME

the PAIN of past ABUSE

by unlocking the powerful truths from God's Word!


How do we, as Christians, find relevant answers to modern-day problems that have devastated the lives of so many? Does God’s Word still hold the key to life’s most difficult and challenging problems?

As Christians, can we become equipped to help others find strength and healing from God’s Word? Does the Bible alone give us the practical knowledge we need to understand the complex issues of today’s society?

Samantha was led to share her experiences with others so she could reveal the practical answers to these questions. God’s Word does have the keys—even to life’s most challenging situations and, like the apostle Paul, she unequivocally believes we “can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.” It is my sincere belief that, as you prayerfully study this book, God will lead you into all truth by the guidance of His Holy Spirit and the study of His Word.